Be more effective writing Python code and Python/Django vs Elixir/Phoenix

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Martes 9 de agosto de 2016 desde las 19:00


Atom House Medellín. Calle 8 # 43a-­49
Medellín, Colombia


Hi everybody!! 

This session will start with 30 minutes of networking (19:00-19:30), first talk of 30 min and 15 min of QA, the second talk of 45 min and 15 min of QA. The event should end around 09:45 pm.

The talks detail are:

Juan David Hernández Giraldo: Be more effective writing python code.


Python has unique strengths and aspects that can be difficult to assimilate. Many developers that know other programming languages approach to learning python from a limited mentality and do not embrace all the expressiveness of the language.

Andres Duque, Software Engineer at LendingFront: Python/Django vs Elixir/Phoenix. LinkedinGitHubTwitter.


What is functional programming?, Pros and Cons. Why python is slow when we compare it vs elixir and other similar languages. Pros using languages like elixir.

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